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live Instants Chavirés 31-11-2002
live camping electro 13-07-2002
live EOF 17-02-2002
live Console 11-04-2003
live Lieu Unique 14-06-2003
live Ecole Estienne 25-06-2003
live Astropolis 16-08-2003
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Domotic is La Ciotat native Stephane Laporte, now based in Paris. A project unconsciously devoted to some kind of pop renewal, blending advanced technology and analog bricolage. Delicate, naïve, complex, intricate – the ideal electronic reverie. "Falling into Ambient’s convenient catch-all, [Domotic’s] music is often wrenchingly sweet and nostalgic. But, if he cuts to an outmoded design, his deceptively simple, clean lines are far from simplistic." (The Wire). Domotic released one album, "Bye Bye" and several eps ("S/T", "Smiles Again") on Active Suspension, and is currently finishing the second.

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Odot.lamm is o.lamm is o.f.lamm is opoint l. is princess rach productions is slow learner is odot sings. Electronic musician. Uses softwares, love, and snow and blends them to make music. Likes crazy digital abstraction as much as pop music, and cannot distinguish between the two, and expresses "… a desire to make electronic music with a slight pop sensibility, or at least a determination not to follow the grimly humourless route taken by many hard druve operatives and glitch obsessives" (The Wire). Part of Evenement. Part of Active Suspension. Ongoing collaborations with My Jazzy Child (Quasigital Love), Minifer (Miniflamm), Hypo, dDamage, Black'n'Mate, etc. Released "Snow Party", "Matière & Micrometrie" and "My Favorite Things" on Active Suspension, several eps and tracks on compilations everywhere in the world, a collaborative record with American minimal techno hero Sutekh ("Six Residua") and will release "Hello Spiral", his second LP, in October 2004.

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